The greatest trust that can come to a man and woman is the placing in their keeping the life of a little child”

-David O. McKay

About us


We have been happily married for nine years.  The time has sure flown by! 

                                Age: 31
                             Height: 5'6"
                        Hair color:  Brown
                         Eye color:  Brown
                       Mechanical Engineer
Sugar cookies are a favorite, Loves to play the guitar,
Likes to do yo-yo tricks,  likes to write funny songs,
       Snowboarder, Served a mission in Brazil, 
      Favorite comedian - Brian Regan,
     A favorite movie - The Ringer, 
Like to play with electronics 

By Jennifer- 
 Over the years I have learned more things that I like about Matt.  You would think living with someone you would find more flaws but all I have seen are things that make me love him more.  Life can't be better then that right?  He is so helpful and loving.Over the course of our marriage I have gone through ALOT of different trials with infertility and he is always there to take care of me.  He is what holds me together always.  If I'm sick, he's there to go get anything for me.  He rubs my feet if they hurt or sit and hold me if I need it.  He is constantly doing things to show his love for me.  I love it!  He is also such a romantic guy!  He has done scavenger hunts for me, brings me flowers,  has written songs for me, and tells me always how much he loves me.  We are able to communicate so easily which has helped in tons of different situations.  I really don't know how a marriage could be much better!


                               Height: 5'4"
                       Hair color: Dark Brown
                            Eye color: Hazel
Favorite dessert is ice cream.
Loves to read novels and could spend all day reading if that were possible!
Loves scrap booking and anything like it.
Loves decorating and making the 
house feel like a home
loves to cut and fix hair, 
graduated as a cosmetologist.
Loves music, singing and playing the piano.

By Matthew-
     I am a lucky guy to be married to Jenn!  We were good friends for so many years before, and are closer than ever before.  Jennifer has a great sense of humor.  I say that because we laugh at the same things.  I have always been impressed with her testimony.  I have seen how her choice to depend upon God rather than her own strenghth has brought both her and us blessings.  Jennifer is really good at the piano, scrapbooking, decorating, and doing crafty projects. I really enjoy the time we spend together. 

Age: 3
Race: African American and Caucasion
Likes: Being outside, reading, playing with his toys, swings, parks, talking, climbing,  

We adopted McKay 3 years ago. He was two days old when he was placed with us.  It has been the best three years ever! We have loved being his parents and enjoyed the blessing of having him in our home.