The greatest trust that can come to a man and woman is the placing in their keeping the life of a little child”

-David O. McKay

Monday, February 24, 2014


McKay is about the cutest kid ever! okay so maybe I'm a little biased since I'm his mom but really, he is super cute!

McKay is growing so fast and I feel like I just can't keep up with all his changes! It's such a fun and busy stage to be at. I love it. He has learned how to count to 10 and now wants to count everything in our house. He does super good at it. He also likes to spell his name and will spell it over and over.  He is such a smart little guy.
He's just learning that you can pose for pictures and so it's been fun catching that cute little face!
 You can't really see it so well but I made him a little bow tie.  So easy and fun to make! He got the cute hat from his aunt and uncle for Christmas.

This is a favorite of mine, that cute little smile!

Here's our little cowboy.
He is the funnest two year old ever!