The greatest trust that can come to a man and woman is the placing in their keeping the life of a little child”

-David O. McKay

Friday, July 19, 2013


Adoption is always on my mind.  It is a part of me and my family. I love it, I live it everyday.
The last few days it's been on my mind even more as it's the two year anniversary of being placed with our beautiful son.  Two years today actually. It's amazing that something as big as adoption has only been a part of me for the last three and a half years, as we were in the process of adopting for 18 months prior to being placed with our son.  It feels like it has always been a part of me. Always there.
The thing I think of most today is my sons birth mother.  She is never far from my thoughts.  I can't know how it felt for her to place him with us but I can imagine how hard and difficult that must have been for her and probably still is.  We weren't able to meet her but I feel connected to her in such an intimate way for we share her son. He is ours together and we are connected.  That is what adoption is to me. A bond of a child and the birth parents and adoptive parents. All of us create this little boys life.
I love it. I am so grateful to be a mother and I am so very indebted to the woman who helped me become one. I love my son.

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