The greatest trust that can come to a man and woman is the placing in their keeping the life of a little child”

-David O. McKay

Friday, February 15, 2013

Update on our lives

Hello world! I haven't been on here in a year! it's amazing how fast time flies. Here's an update of what we're up to lately.

This is an older video but It's pretty cute of the little guy.  Matt is so creative at entertaining McKay and I love it!
Matt for whatever reason had taped some newspapers together and then taped them to the ceiling.  McKay thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

For the fun of it Matt grew a beard. He never had before and has wanted to for a long time. It was a definite switch up but was kind of fun.  He actually just shaved it off recently and it's taking me a little time getting used to his clean shaven face again.  Matt recently got a new job, Okay back in July but it's still fairly new for us. He's enjoying it a lot and mostly cause he gets to draw pictures everyday.  He's a drafter\Engineer.

I have been busy and our house shows it.  I have projects everywhere and so every room in our house looks like a tornado hit it. We are re-painting \ re-decorating our bathroom and when I get it done I'm so posting pictures. Besides that I just try to keep up with a toddler and all my projects and I am loving life! I have been greatly blessed with a wonderful family.

 Here's our latest creation. We found this frame a year ago at the D.I. and I fell in love with it but I just didn't know what to do with it.  Well I finally figured it out and here it is!

It took my lovely husband who painted the background and the trusty Cricut which I used to make the stencil and some paint for the frame and ta da! I am in love.

Well that is what we're up to.  Maybe in another year I'll post again. :)

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